STM group was founded in 1978 in Vietri (Potenza, Italy) with name:”Officine Zirpoli”, this company was founded by Antonio Zirpoli. The company activities were focused on conveyor belts design and construction for the mining sector.

In 1986 STM srl Sviluppo Tecnologie Meccaniche was set up, and the activity was relocated in a new plant of 2,000 sqm in Tito Scalo (PZ).

In 1997 he hit another important goal: the achievement of ISO 9002 and AVSQ’94.

The breakthrough is in 1998 when the STM, being in need of more space, is setting up a new factory, which increases the area to 30,000 sqm.

In the 2000s STM exploited its potential with a stronger presence on the international markets and now it is globally recognized as close partner in developing innovative solutions in the bulk material handling.

In 2003 STM obtained the ISO 9001:2000 and EMAS environmental certification in 2006 and 2007 ISO / TS 16949:2002. In 2015 STM obtained the Environmental Management System Certificate as well.

The work units rose to 75 employees and the fleet is renewed by the introduction of advanced technology that together with the skills of those involved make STM a leader in components and conveyor belts.


Since its constitution the distinguishing features of STM professionals are expertise in every area of activity, strong focus on the Customer, passion for innovation and improvement and particular attention to the quality.

STM offers its customers a full range of services: engineering, design, fabrication, commissioning and carries out every step by developing flexible, individual and effective solutions, which fully meet the customers’ needs.

STM’s business is driven by innovation and continuous improvements in order to increase efficiency, reliability and cost savings. To provide the most innovative and specialized solutions great importance is given to the professional growth and the expertise of the people throught on-going knowledge and skill training.

Attention to the quality is one of the most important guidelines of STM production process. Indeed, STM is keen to deliver high-value performance, high standard of safety and sustainability and excellent reliable solutions.

Thanks to its strong know how, its attention to the quality, the focus on the customer and the uninterrupted improvement of industrial standards and practices, STM is globally recognized as trusted partner in developing custom made solutions.




Antonio Zirpoli and his partner Anselmo Zirpoli founded “Officine Zirpoli” in Vietri di Potenza. The company activities were focused on conveyor belt design and construction.



New 2,000 smq plant based in Tito Scalo and new name: STM s.r.l.



New business entering automotive and train sectors and creating a new division named Components division.



STM obtains the AVSQ 94 – ISO 9002



New bigger plant – 30,000 smq



ISO/TS – ISO 9001 Certification



STM exploited its potential with strong presence on international markets providing products for Denso Brasil and developing innovative solutions in the bulk material handling.



Important innovative investments of more than 3M euro in new machinery, new equipment and renewable energy sources.



STM obtained the Environmental Management System Certificate.